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October 07 2012

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September 26 2012

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Exactly. You, bitch. 
Somebody fixed it:D
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September 25 2012


You have to wonder what the backstory is to this one. I mean, people who know and love Sherlock are absolutely, 100% convinced that John is Sherlock’s date the moment they see Sherlock and John together. It’s a running gag, obviously, but it wants explaining.

Sherlock is clearly a loner. He knows people (quite a lot of people, actually, more people than John appears to know), but he doesn’t choose to spend his time with any of them. He just solves puzzles. That’s all. He doesn’t enjoy the company of other people. He doesn’t go out for dinner with anyone, ever. (That point ever-so-nicely underscored by his bewildered question to Irene in Scandal.)

It’s pretty apparent to us by now that Sherlock isn’t particularly moved by attractive women. He doesn’t particularly react to Irene at all, even when she’s propositioning him. Maybe others have seen that in him too; he doesn’t seem interested. So they may make the next logical step (“Oh, he must be gay, that’s fine.”) even though he isn’t particularly moved by men, either.

Maybe Angelo told Sherlock ages ago that he was always welcome in the restaurant, any time, with anyone he likes (“Bring a date! It’s on the house!”), and Sherlock never turned up. Then one day, months and months later, he appears with a fellow he’s clearly fond of. Sherlock must be fond of this bloke, he must be trying to impress him, right? Because he’s willing to spend an evening over dinner with him, an event which Angelo has never witnessed. He’s willing to sit in a restaurant like a normal person with this fellow, so he must be tremendously special to Sherlock.

Sherlock doesn’t have friends. So maybe no one jumps to the conclusion that Sherlock has just made a new friend, because…well, he could have been friends with dozens of people but chose not to be. Mrs Hudson loves him, Molly loves him, Angelo loves him, Lestrade loves him too: there must be others, people he’s helped and rescued along the way, people who respect his brain even if they think he’s entirely too odd for this world. I’m sure there are a number of people who would be more than happy to sit across a table from Sherlock if he ever felt lonely. But he never takes anyone up on that. People who admire him are just a side effect of his work. He doesn’t solve the cases for them and their reactions. They’re an unintended but not entirely unpleasant side effect. He doesn’t appear to give them much thought at all. He ignores them.

For some reason, Sherlock takes to John almost immediately, and goes about trying to impress him. Everyone around him notices that: Mycroft asks about a happy announcement, Mrs Hudson makes her assumptions, as does Angelo. Sherlock is the observant one, but everyone around him sees that John is special to him. John doesn’t feel particularly special yet, because he doesn’t know Sherlock. He doesn’t know that Sherlock has just made every possible exception for him.

Sherlock doesn’t take John to Angelo’s in order to work on the case. He takes John there to trick him into losing the limp. Sherlock takes John out for dinner to cure him.

There are three explanations I can think of for that behaviour, all of which I think are true.

The first is that it’s another curious puzzle for Sherlock to solve while waiting for the next break in his current case. (“Can I cure a psychosomatic limp? I bet I can.”)

The second is that John will make a better addition to Sherlock’s life minus the limp (there are, after all, seventeen steps up to 221b, and he doesn’t want to give up his bedroom on the first level). It would be better if John isn’t struggling up and down stairs. Sherlock is not a patient man. I’d say that Sherlock realizes that John would be more of a help on cases minus the limp, but I don’t think Sherlock realizes yet just how critical John will become to that enterprise. (This is, after all, before John turns the tables and impresses the pants off of Sherlock by shooting a cab driver through a window.) If he did realize it, I’m sure he’d have cured that limp long before dinner time.

The third explanation for Sherlock’s act of kindness is this: “You’ll be impressed with me if I can cure you.” The distance Sherlock is willing to go to impress John is kind of epic, when you think about it. It doesn’t look epic to John at the time, but if he ever considered Sherlock’s behaviour after the fact, from the vantage point of knowing him for a year or more, he must marvel at it a bit. Sherlock took a complete stranger to dinner. That’s unheard of. Sherlock takes a very special and unusual interest in John immediately.

No wonder Angelo thinks they have a romantic connection. This is Sherlock pulling out all the stops. It must be love.

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Let's have a dinner, that is conversation on Omegle

So, in short, I was at @wormstache house. And we thought we can "Talk to strangers" on Omegle. But with a weird way. Every conversation, we started with the sentence "Let's have a dinner - SH". And these are results:

: Hello, John. Let's have a dinner - SH
Stranger: Nope. Can't really have a dinner date with a dead man- JW

You: Hello John, let's have a dinner - SH
Stranger: Sherlock...why are you speaking like Irene? -JW
You: How did you know that Irene speaks like that? - SH
Stranger: She told me she sent you texts that always said let's have dinner...that was you wasn't it? The fading footsteps after she came back from the dead. -JW
You: Nice sweater John - SH
Stranger: Which one? -JW
You: The one you're wearing - SH
Stranger: Where are you? I thought you left on a case. -JW
You: No. - SH
You: You're wrong. As always - SH

You: Let's have a dinner - SH
Stranger: Sherlock, I'm busy. JW
You: No, you're not. You just writing that miserable blog of yours - SH
Stranger: People actually read my blog, you know. Just because you don't like it doesn't mean everyone else should. - JW
You: They should. It's nothing personal but your writing skills are low, you know. And smart people should notice that - SH
Stranger: Sherlock, could you not insult my writing just for once?! If you carry on like this, I definitely won't come out. - JW
You: John, it's just my opinion based of long observations. I don't see connection with my inviting to a dinner - SH
Stranger: I couldn't care less about your opinions. Anyway, why do we need to go out to dinner? Is it another case? - JW
You: Nice deduction, John - SH
Stranger: So, it is another case. - JW
You: Oh, I see. I weren't clear. Yes, it is another case - SH
Stranger: Which case? - JW
You: The interesting one, John, obviously - SH
Stranger: I don't have any idea which case this is but fine. Meet at Angelo's? - JW
You: Boring - SH
You: Can't we find other restaurant? - SH
Stranger: Fine. You choose one. - JW
You: Fine, Angelo can be - SH
Stranger: Unless you need somewhere quieter to work on the case. - JW
You: I can be focus, even in ado. Opposite than you - SH

You: Let's have a dinner - SH
Stranger: Sherlock, it's 3 am, it's not exactly a good time for dinner. JW
You: So, late dinner. Call it yourself. - SH
Stranger: Why would we? It's night, you know, some people like to sleep. JW
You: Sleeping is boring - SH
Stranger: According to you, so is eating. JW
You: But when I'm bored I'd like to eat sometimes - SH
Stranger: You don't need my presence while you eat, Sherlock. JW
You: Of course I don't need your presence. I was simply trying to be nice - SH
Stranger: You don't do nice, Sherlock. If you did, you wouldn't have stalked my now ex-girlfriend because you wanted to see how boring she can get. JW
You: I wasn't stalking. I was just doing observation, get your research - SH
Stranger: It's called stalking, Sherlock, get your dictionary. JW
You: I didn't have obsession about her, John. So it's not stalking - SH
Stranger: You were following her the whole week. It IS stalking. I still don't understand why exactly you had to do that. JW
You: She was a murderer John. That had to do with the case - SH
Stranger: Oh, please, Sherlock, she killed a spider. You had no case that week, just your mouldy experiments which I will have to get rid of today because some people want to eat breakfast (how do you want to have dinner when the kitchen is in this state anyway?). JW
You: Oh, Mrs. Hudson will clean this little mess. And this was just an experiment, John. You know, fun and all that stuff - SH
Stranger: There are human body parts on display, Sherlock, you can't expect her to clean it. JW
You: But it's her job, isn't it? - SH
Stranger: No, it's not. It's your bloody mess, so you should clean it - but as you never can be bothered to, I will have to do it to have access to the kitchen. JW
You: Okay, so when you'll go there, make me a tea. Strong, two sugar - SH
Stranger: No chance. JW
Stranger: It's still 3 am, I'm not going down there to get you tea, Sherlock. JW
You: Why ? - SH
Stranger: Because it's 3 am. I just told you. JW
You: I don't see connection between time and my tea - SH
Stranger: For God's sake... Just make your own tea and stop bothering me. JW
You: You're closer to kitchen John. And I'm busy - SH
Stranger: It's you who wants tea. So, it's you who makes it. What can keep you busy at this hour? JW
You: The case, John, the case. What else? - SH

You: Let's have a dinner - SH
Stranger: ...Sherlock? -JW
You: Who else? - SH
Stranger: Well I don't know. Someone who says things like that, perhaps? -JW
You: Oh, stop right there John, It's me, Sherlock, if you didn't know - SH
Stranger: We have dinner most nights though. - JW
You: So what's your problem? - SH
Stranger: Well, like I said. You don't need to ask, you just need to be at home and... eating. -JW
You: Nah, that would be boring. I'd like to eat somewhere else - SH
Stranger: So go eat. -JW
You: I need a company - SH
Stranger: You want me to come with you? Sherlock, this is starting to sound suspiciously like a date. -JW
You: Don't be ridiculous. If I wanted ask you for a date, I would do it - SH
Stranger: Well, I'll ask you then. -JW
You: ... - SH
Stranger: Come on a date with me. -JW
You: I don't DO dates, John, you should know that - SH
Stranger: Well, you can try. -JW
You: But what would we do? - SH
Stranger: Dinner, conversation. The kinds of things normal people do. -JW
You: Normal people are boring - SH
Stranger: Then what would *you* like to do then? -JW
You: YOU asked me for a date, you should dream this up. - SH
Stranger: Well... Dinner and the lab? You can teach me how to experiment. -JW
You: That sounds better. But firstly, get rid of this sweater - SH
Stranger: Sweater? -JW
You: Yes, John, it's awful - SH
Stranger: Which one? -JW
You: The one you're wearing - SH
Stranger: How can you know what I'm wearing? -JW
You: It's obvious - SH
Stranger: Of course it is. -JW
You: So get rid of it - SH
Stranger: Why? -JW
You: Preferably, now - SH
You: Because it's awful, I just said - SH
Stranger: Well, I won't wear it out. But I'll change when i get home. -JW
You: Turn right, it'll be faster way - SH
Stranger: How are you doing this? -JW
You: Doing what? - SH
Stranger: Knowing what I'm doing and wearing... -JW
You: Mycroft owed me something... - SH
Stranger: Of course. -JW

You: Let's have a dinner - SH
Stranger: I'm on the way back from Tesco -JW
You: Did you get milk? - SH
Stranger: Yes -SH
You: John, are you drunk? - SH
Stranger: Maybe -SH
You: Because you're still signing as SH... you know. - SH
Stranger: Oh -JW
You: That's awkward - SH
Stranger: Well, Lestrade and I were at a pub, so I surprised you didn't expect it.
You: Irrelevant. What do you say about dinner? - SH
Stranger: Sure- JW

You: Let's have a dinner - SH
Stranger: Sherlock? Is that you?! - JW
You: Yes, John - SH
Stranger: What - but you were - JW
You: I was what, John? Don't stutter through phone messages - SH
Stranger: You were dead! You jumped off the hospital, I saw you! - JW
You: Oh, you meant that, right. So, as you see, I'm not dead - SH
Stranger: Care to explain at all? - JW
You: Nothing personal, but you wouldn't understand - SH
Stranger: You dick. How could you do this to me? - JW
You: Don't call me names, John. It's offensive - SH
Stranger: Offensive?! Like throwing yourself off a building and not even giving me an explanation? - JW
You: That's not necessary. I'm alive John. And you need to buy new sweaters - SH
Stranger: Have you been watching me? - JW
You: Maybe - SH
Stranger: And you didn't think to let me know you were alive? - JW
You: I thought you could be in danger - SH
Stranger: It's been a long while since I was worried about danger. You know that. - JW
You: Whatever. You should also change your therapist - SH
Stranger: Sherlock, stop. I need to see you, this is ridiculous. Where are you? - JW
You: Outside - SH
Stranger: I'll be there in a second. - JW

: Let's have a dinner - SH
Stranger: NEVER AGAIN! - IA

You: Let's have a dinner - SH
Stranger: Only if you pay, beautiful. -JM xoxo

You: Let's have a dinner - SH
Stranger: okay. where? -JW
You: Angelo's. At 7 p.m. - SH
You: And please change your sweater - SH
Stranger: What's wrong with my sweater? -JW
You: It's ugly. I'm surprised you have to ask - SH

You: Let's have a dinner - SH
Stranger: Oh isn't this interesting, Mister Holmes? You're the one making propositions now. -IA
You: It was meant for John, Miss Adler. I must have mistaken the number - SH
Stranger: Oh of /course/. You two do make quite the couple, don't you? -IA
You: We're not a couple. I married my work - SH
Stranger: So you've said. Yet you wish to have dinner with someone who you deem to be not your partner and when you rarely eat dinner. Interesting. -IA
You: I'm hungry. That's all - SH
You: I heard that what's people do - SH
Stranger: You're never hungry. -IA
You: That's impossible. I'm a human too, you know. Without a food I would be dead a long time ago - SH
Stranger: Obviously. But you rarely eat with others. It's obvious. You and John. -IA
You: Me and John what? You don't think I could date him with his silly sweaters, right? - SH
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September 10 2012

September 05 2012

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that little smile
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September 03 2012

here you are:>
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The BBC has the best actors okay.



  • Martin “Fuck you I won a BAFTA” Freeman
  • Benedict “I’m a damn good shag” Cumberbatch
  • Louise “I want to run my hands through Benedict’s hair” Brealey
  • Lara “I forced Benedict to look at me” Pulver
  • Arthur “I know these things” Darvill
  • Mark “Kill them” Gatiss
  • David “Ten Inch” Tennant
  • Catherine “I thought he was a Mr. Who, who was a Doctor!” Tate
  •  Andrew “Well I didn’t have to, I did.” Scott
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I had to make it.

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I will reblog this until the end of time

Hahaha. So damn PERFECT.

If this went down as his last words, nobody would complain.

I am screaming.

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September 02 2012

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September 01 2012

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helpful John is helpful 
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